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Virtual Presentations and the Changing Face of Sales Meetings

Over the course of the last several months, Jeremy Lott and SanMar have transitioned into utilizing virtual presentations as a way to communicate across the company and with customers across the country. Virtual communications have been an effective strategy for engaging team members as they adjust to new forms of sharing information and staying engaged. Virtual communications are one part of an overall shift for Jeremy Lott Seattle as SanMar’s sales team has become accustomed to a new way of working remotely from homes across the country.

Jeremy Lott SanMar best practices for remote meetings

Jeremy Lott and department leaders at SanMar came together with representatives from human resources to develop content about virtual meeting tips and tricks. This content helped set guidelines for how virtual meetings should operate. Virtual meeting etiquette helps all team members know that although they may be working remotely, professionalism is as important as ever. These mini-courses also helped leaders organize meetings more effectively. A well-organized virtual meeting runs smoothly and makes the most out of the time. During the training courses, different resources for video meetings were discussed including Zoom, Skype, and Teams.

Jeremy Lott Seattle company temporarily moves away from in-person sampling and presentations

One of the biggest changes at SanMar was the sales and marketing departments joining forces to navigate the switch from in-person product presentations to online or virtual presentations. The virtual presentations aim to provide an informative summary of the available new products available from SanMar. Videos are designed to highlight key features through video clips, slides, images, and more. The sales team gathered customer feedback to see ways that SanMar can move forward in a changing landscape. In particular, the focus of the surveys was how companies are feeling about returning to live demonstrations at tradeshows, conferences, and sales meetings. The sales team is also exploring virtual tradeshows with interactions that happen within an online platform.  The team is learning a lot and are continuing to be adaptable as the challenges of the pandemic continue to change the conventional ways of doing business.

Jeremy Lott Sanmar History 

Jeremy Lott is the president of the family owned and operated SanMar. Located in Seattle, the company is a supplier of private label and retail brands of apparel and accessories to the promotional products and imprintable sportswear industries. Jeremy Lott has been a part of the company from a young age and has learned the ins and outs of the industry by being actively involved in all departments. After earning his MBA in 2001, Jeremy Lott assumed a full-time leadership position at SanMar. Under his tenure, the company has expanded its market reach.




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