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SanMar Office Renovation Paused and Being Reevaluated

SanMar Office Renovation Paused and Being Reevaluated  

Jeremy Lott, Mercer Island President of SanMar, is assessing changes to its plans to update corporate offices. Before the pandemic, Jeremy Lott and SanMar developed detailed blueprints for building renovations. Although planning was in the late stages in March, Jeremy Lott pressed pause on the work orders. Company response to COVID-19 took priority over the renovation project. However, SanMar has decided to reconsider the building plans.

Pandemic Adjusts Jeremy Lott’s SanMar Goals

To protect the financial health of SanMar, Jeremy Lott made the difficult decision to tighten company spending. One of the impacts of the pandemic was to place building renovation plans on hold indefinitely. The renovation project was to target the corporate offices known as Eastpointe in Issaquah, Washington. Interior design elements were to go through a significant rejuvenation process that included new paint, new carpeting, and updated lighting fixtures. Workspaces were to also go through a rearrangement to provide better use of the available square footage. Jeremy Lott also consulted with experts to create seating arrangements that facilitated better collaboration between team members.

Jeremy Lott’s Future Plans for SanMar Operations

Jeremy Lott is revisiting past projects like the building renovation. As business improves for SanMar and the country slowly works to open up, Jeremy Lott and his associates have discussed the renovation project. One of these discussions is the renovation goals of open communication between team members. Now that many of the staff are working remotely, plans for the building could evolve. As a company, SanMar has decided to provide more flexible work arrangements for employees. For everyone’s health and safety, work from home schedules will be the new norm at SanMar for many teams. In-office workspaces may go through a redesign to focus on social distancing. The standard conference room layout may require more open space collaborative areas. New technology will also be installed once office renovation restarts. These upgrades will assist with keeping remote team members in constant contact with in-office staff. The goal of the renovation is to provide staff with the tools needed for dynamic communications.

Jeremy Lott, Seattle President Background

Jeremy Lott is the owner and president of the Issaquah-based SanMar. The family-owned and operated company has been a top supplier of imprintable apparel for nearly 50 years. SanMar partners with retailers, screen printers, charities, and promotional companies to provide high-quality items, including industry-exclusive apparel.

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