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SanMar Office Renovation Paused and Being Reevaluated

SanMar Office Renovation Paused and Being Reevaluated  

Jeremy Lott, Mercer Island President of SanMar, is assessing changes to its plans to update corporate offices. Before the pandemic, Jeremy Lott and SanMar developed detailed blueprints for building renovations. Although planning was in the late stages in March, Jeremy Lott pressed pause on the work orders. Company response to COVID-19 took priority over the renovation project. However, SanMar has decided to reconsider the building plans.

Pandemic Adjusts Jeremy Lott’s SanMar Goals

To protect the financial health of SanMar, Jeremy Lott made the difficult decision to tighten company spending. One of the impacts of the pandemic was to place building renovation plans on hold indefinitely. The renovation project was to target the corporate offices known as Eastpointe in Issaquah, Washington. Interior design elements were to go through a significant rejuvenation process that included new paint, new carpeting, and updated lighting fixtures. Workspaces were to also go through a rearrangement to provide better use of the available square footage. Jeremy Lott also consulted with experts to create seating arrangements that facilitated better collaboration between team members.

Jeremy Lott’s Future Plans for SanMar Operations

Jeremy Lott is revisiting past projects like the building renovation. As business improves for SanMar and the country slowly works to open up, Jeremy Lott and his associates have discussed the renovation project. One of these discussions is the renovation goals of open communication between team members. Now that many of the staff are working remotely, plans for the building could evolve. As a company, SanMar has decided to provide more flexible work arrangements for employees. For everyone’s health and safety, work from home schedules will be the new norm at SanMar for many teams. In-office workspaces may go through a redesign to focus on social distancing. The standard conference room layout may require more open space collaborative areas. New technology will also be installed once office renovation restarts. These upgrades will assist with keeping remote team members in constant contact with in-office staff. The goal of the renovation is to provide staff with the tools needed for dynamic communications.

Jeremy Lott, Seattle President Background

Jeremy Lott is the owner and president of the Issaquah-based SanMar. The family-owned and operated company has been a top supplier of imprintable apparel for nearly 50 years. SanMar partners with retailers, screen printers, charities, and promotional companies to provide high-quality items, including industry-exclusive apparel.

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Virtual Presentations and the Changing Face of Sales Meetings

Over the course of the last several months, Jeremy Lott and SanMar have transitioned into utilizing virtual presentations as a way to communicate across the company and with customers across the country. Virtual communications have been an effective strategy for engaging team members as they adjust to new forms of sharing information and staying engaged. Virtual communications are one part of an overall shift for Jeremy Lott Seattle as SanMar’s sales team has become accustomed to a new way of working remotely from homes across the country.

Jeremy Lott SanMar best practices for remote meetings

Jeremy Lott and department leaders at SanMar came together with representatives from human resources to develop content about virtual meeting tips and tricks. This content helped set guidelines for how virtual meetings should operate. Virtual meeting etiquette helps all team members know that although they may be working remotely, professionalism is as important as ever. These mini-courses also helped leaders organize meetings more effectively. A well-organized virtual meeting runs smoothly and makes the most out of the time. During the training courses, different resources for video meetings were discussed including Zoom, Skype, and Teams.

Jeremy Lott Seattle company temporarily moves away from in-person sampling and presentations

One of the biggest changes at SanMar was the sales and marketing departments joining forces to navigate the switch from in-person product presentations to online or virtual presentations. The virtual presentations aim to provide an informative summary of the available new products available from SanMar. Videos are designed to highlight key features through video clips, slides, images, and more. The sales team gathered customer feedback to see ways that SanMar can move forward in a changing landscape. In particular, the focus of the surveys was how companies are feeling about returning to live demonstrations at tradeshows, conferences, and sales meetings. The sales team is also exploring virtual tradeshows with interactions that happen within an online platform.  The team is learning a lot and are continuing to be adaptable as the challenges of the pandemic continue to change the conventional ways of doing business.

Jeremy Lott Sanmar History 

Jeremy Lott is the president of the family owned and operated SanMar. Located in Seattle, the company is a supplier of private label and retail brands of apparel and accessories to the promotional products and imprintable sportswear industries. Jeremy Lott has been a part of the company from a young age and has learned the ins and outs of the industry by being actively involved in all departments. After earning his MBA in 2001, Jeremy Lott assumed a full-time leadership position at SanMar. Under his tenure, the company has expanded its market reach.




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Jeremy Lott and SanMar Corp. gaining steam with corporate responsibility

Seattle area Mercer Island resident and SanMar Corp. owner Jeremy Lott shares insight into the promotional product company’s ongoing corporate responsibility program.


Since unveiling its first corporate responsibility report in 2017, SanMar Corp. has been engaged in an ongoing promise to protect the planet and the communities in which people around the world both live and work. Speaking from the company’s headquarters just outside of Seattle, Washington, and always with an eye on the future, SanMar owner Jeremy Lott explains more about the promotional product supplier’s corporate responsibility program. 


“We’re still hard at work as we continue to take stock of the past year to see where we excelled while always keeping an eye toward the future,” explains Jeremy Lott, Seattle area owner of promotional product supplier SanMar Corp. 


In 2019, SanMar Corp. made incredible progress in its efforts to ensure that the business remains a great place to work, according to Lott. At the same time, SanMar also continued to support communities both locally and across the U.S., he says, as well as elsewhere around the world 


“At SanMar Corp., we continue to strive to deliver a quality product that is sourced not just responsibly but sustainably, too,” adds Jeremy Lott, Mercer Island resident and owner and president of the thriving Seattle-based promotional product supply business.


Lott is keen to share some of the highlights of SanMar Corp.’s 2019 corporate responsibility report. “In 2019, we launched our new vision statement, titled ‘A Canvas for Good,’ and a place to share stories about how SanMar products are making a positive impact,” reveals Jeremy. “We also continued to strengthen our responsible sourcing program focusing on continuous improvement and collaboration,” he goes on, “and donated a total of $239,572 to 85 community organizations across the U.S.”


Elsewhere, Jeremy Lott, SanMar Corp. and his team together raised $130,000 for Bailey-Boushay House, which provides compassionate end-of-life care for individuals with AIDS, ALS and other complex conditions. The SanMar team, he says, also invested heavily in each other via mentorship and education throughout 2019. 


“It’s about transparency,” adds Emily Gigot, SanMar Corp.’s sustainability manager, of the promotional product supplier’s corporate responsibility report. “It’s important that we share a balanced progress report,” she continues, “and demonstrate the work that we’re doing with our corporate responsibility efforts.” 


SanMar Corp., owner Jeremy Lott says, still has room to grow and will carry on the hard work of meeting the goals which the company now first set out over two years ago in its initial 2017 corporate responsibility report. “Corporate responsibility is central to who we are and what we stand for at SanMar,” he adds, wrapping up, “and we look forward to continuing what we do with a sense of pride and a better understanding of the impact we have on our colleagues, our communities and our world.”

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Jeremy Lott and Seattle-based SanMar Corp. promote new vice presidents

Seattle metropolitan area-based promotional products supplier SanMar, under Jeremy Lott, names two new vice presidents as Brian Thompson and Shelley Williams are promoted.

 A leading supplier in the North American promotional products industry, SanMar Corp., in the Seattle suburb of Issaquah, Washington, has, under president of the firm, Jeremy Lott, this month appointed a pair of new vice presidents. President of SanMar, Lott, from Mercer Island, a city in the Seattle metropolitan area, and newly appointed vice presidents, Brian Thompson and Shelley Williams, remark on the news.

“I knew after being [at SanMar] for two weeks that I wasn’t going anywhere,” says Thompson, a Navy veteran who has now been at the promotional products company for 25 years.

“We’re proud to announce that Brian has been promoted from director of distribution to vice president of distribution,” adds Seattle-based SanMar executive Jeremy Lott, who lives with his family in nearby Mercer Island. During his two and a half decades at SanMar, Thompson has, according to Mercer Island resident Lott, done everything from work inside SanMar’s sales teams to assisting its call center.

Now taking a leadership role in distribution, Thompson says he’s stayed at the Seattle metropolitan area-based firm because of the support he’s received from his coworkers, president of SanMar Jeremy Lott, and other management.

Shelley Williams has been promoted from creative director to vice president of marketing after joining SanMar last year following 20 years in brand strategy, creative, and marketing roles at Alaska Airlines and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. “Shelley replaces our current marketing vice president, Lee Strom, who’s been with us for 19 years, and who is retiring at the end of January,” explains Lott.

“The employees at SanMar are amazing, and the leadership is friendly and supportive,” adds former SanMar creative director and new vice president of marketing, Williams. “I’m honored to be part of such an amazing, family-focused company with an incredible reputation and a heart for truly making a difference in our communities and our industry,” she goes on. “There’s an impressive foundation to build from,” adds Williams, “and an abundance of great opportunities to make an impact.”

“The opportunities to advance here have been incredible,” remarks the new marketing vice president, wrapping up, “[and] there’s truly a family atmosphere.”

President of the family-owned firm, SanMar Corp., in the Seattle suburb of Issaquah, Washington, Jeremy Lott learned the business from the inside out, from pulling orders to purchasing. After college and a period studying in Hong Kong, Lott launched his career as an analyst before relocating to Chicago in 2001 to earn his MBA. Then moving to Mercer Island, Washington, Lott joined SanMar full-time, where he continues to steer the company toward long-term growth. A father of six, Jeremy Lott remains based in the Seattle metropolitan area city of Mercer Island, where, outside of his work at SanMar, he enjoys spending time with his family, boating, skiing, hiking, and generally staying active.